Project: "Alan's Apartment - Doormat"
Monkey Tennis Animation Studio
Media: 3D Maya 

Project: Bachelor Film "Roommate Wanted - Dead or Alive" 
Media: Handmade miniature set with 3D characters
Art Director, Set supervisor/builder, Animator

Project: Commercial project
Client: Change (Roskilde festival)
Media: 3D

Project: Watch The Time
Self study
Media: Mixed media, cut out stop motion

Project: Trailer project
2nd year animation
Media: 3D
Animation Lead

Project: Intro to VAF
Sparetime project in collaboration with Sophie Refshauge
Media: Mixed media

Project: VAF - Light Animation 
Workshop as part of the festival - 
Media: Light aniamtion 

Project: Bachelor Film from The Animation Workshop
As a 1st year student, helping with color and some clean-up
Directors: Mikkel Mainz & Kenneth Ladekjær
Media: 2D

Project Short short
1st year animation
Media: 2D